TracTronix TF100 Single Beam Wireless Track Timer

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Single Beam System

*Tripods for mounting the IR Receiver/Emitter NOT included.

    Designed specifically for closed-loop courses, this system is perfect for any application that shares a common start and finish line. However, one of the standard customer programmable functions that this system comes with allows it to be used as a start/split/finish timer all at the same time. This feature is very useful if a contestant is going to run several laps and needs the times for each lap in addition to the final time for all laps. There are also other features included that come standard wih this system that make it extremely versitile. The single beam timing system is also capabable of being upgraded to a dual or multi-beam timer system with the purchase of additional sets of infrared beams at a later time.
    For those who don't want to deal with the messy wires, clumsy size, inconvenient power supplies, and high price of a "professional" timing system the TracTronix TF100 single beam system is just the answer. With its completely wireless functionality, battery operation, and compact size it makes every timing event a breeze to set up.

*With lens infrared distance of 250 ft. can be achieved. (Sold seperately)

TracTronix TF100 IR Emitter TracTronix TF100 IR Receiver

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TracTronix TF100 Wireless RF Receiver Sports Timer

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System Price: $249.00

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