Multi-Beam System

*Tripods for mounting the IR Receiver/Emitter NOT included.

    The TracTronix TF100 multi-beam timing system is the largest, most complete timing system we produce. It is also the most flexible of all our timers. It comes packed with all the same features and functions of the single beam and dual beam systems with the addition of more infrared beams for tracking and recording of up to four different split times on the course. This means you can have up to six different infrared beams on the track at the same time. The multi-beam timing system is ideal for such events as dog agility training, obstacle courses, autocross racing, and equestrian barrel racing. Each beam set can optionally be used as a single or dual beam system. This is convenient if you have two or more different courses set up at the same time that will be used for different events. This saves the time of having to move the beams into different locations for each course. However, only one course at a time can have activity on it since all beams communicate with the same RF receiver. Check out the system descriptions of the single and dual beam timers for details on some of the other features that come standard with all the timing systems.
    For those who don't want to deal with the messy wires, clumsy size, inconvenient power supplies, and high price of a "professional" timing system the TracTronix TF100 multi-beam system is just the answer. With its completely wireless functionality, battery operation, and compact size it makes every timing event a breeze to set up.

*With lens infrared distance of 250 ft. can be achieved. (Sold seperately)

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3 - Beam System Price: $445.00

4 - Beam System Price: $540.00

5 - Beam System Price: $635.00

6 - Beam System Price: $730.00

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