TracTronix TF100 Dual Beam Wireless Track Timer

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Dual Beam System

*Tripods for mounting the IR Receiver/Emitter NOT included.

    The Tractronix dual beam system is exactly the same as the single beam system with the exception of an added infrared beam set. This extra IR beam allows for a timed event to be a straight line instead of a closed-loop course. This is important for such events as the 40 yard dash, downhill slalom skateboarding, drag racing, autocross racing, and soap box derby to name a few. The extra beam could also be used to capture a split time at some point on a closed-loop course such as the halfway point. Each IR receiver also has the ability to act as a remote control for the timer. This feature is convenient for instances when you have a timed event where the contestant breaks an IR beam to start the timer but a judge or referee decides when to stop the timer which is being held by the official time keeper at a location outside the zone of activity. The dual beam timing system can also be upgraded to a multi-beam system later on with the purchase of additional sets of infrared beams. These are some of the reasons why the TracTronix TF100 dual beam timing system is one of the most flexible and economically priced wireless sports timers on the market.
    For those who don't want to deal with the messy wires, clumsy size, inconvenient power supplies, and high price of a "professional" timing system the TracTronix TF100 dual beam system is just the answer. With its completely wireless functionality, battery operation, and compact size it makes every timing event a breeze to set up.

*With lens infrared distance of 250 ft. can be achieved. (Sold seperately)

TracTronix TF100 IR Emitter for Wireless Sports Timer TracTronix TF100 IR Receiver for Wireless Sports Timer

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TracTronix TF100 RF Receiver for Wireless Sports Timer

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System Price: $349.00

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